Natural healing for allergies with homeopathy and kinesiology

  • Do you suffer from an allergy?
  • Does hay fever mean you avoid going outside when the pollen count is too high?
  • Do you have to avoid certain foods or friends with pets?

Whether it’s a mild sensitivity, hayfever or a life-threatening allergy with potential to trigger anaphylactic shock, you’ll know that your allergy can have a marked effect on your daily life. But homeopathy and kinesiology can help.

Read on to find out more about hayfever and allergy causes and how my remedies can help you overcome them. 

Did you know that allergy is the most common chronic disease in Europe? And it’s on the increase!

What are allergies?

When your body is fully balanced and working in harmony, allergies don’t occur. But an imbalance in your immune system can cause you to become hypersensitive to normally harmless substances, giving you an allergy.

Common allergen triggers can range from pollen to animal fur, foods to beauty products and many more.

  • When your immune system breaks down and comes in contact with an allergen, it produces anti-bodies which it stores in its memory (this is called sensitisation).
  • So, when the allergen is again introduced to your immune system, the anti-bodies attack it, resulting in other chemicals (including histamine) being released and causing the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Common allergy symptoms

  • sneezing
  • wheezing / coughing / shortness of breath
  • sinus pain / runny nose
  • nettle rash / hives
  • itchy skin
  • hay fever
  • swelling
  • itchy eyes, ears, lips throat and mouth
  • sickness, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • bloating

What causes allergies?

Even though allergens produce an allergic reaction, it doesn’t mean they are themselves the cause. The allergen is the trigger or catalyst; the root cause is an imbalance in your immune system. Allergies are an autoimmune disease.

The most common triggers of allergic reactions

  • pollen from trees and grasses (hay fever)
  • proteins secreted from house dust mites
  • moulds
  • foods such as peanuts, gluten, milk and eggs
  • pets such as cats and dogs
  • insects such as wasps and bees
  • medicines

But why are some people not affected at all, whereas others suffer mild symptoms and others have severe reactions with potentially devastating consequences?

It’s because we are all unique individuals, and allergies manifest differently in different people. A number of factors might be causing the imbalance in your immune system which is causing you to react to the allergen.

This is something we explore when you come to see me and includes:

  • any physical trauma you may have suffered
  • emotional factors
  • environmental factors
  • inherited factors
  • toxicity
  • ongoing stress
  • diet

What can kinesiology and homeopathy do to help?

As you have probably guessed, kinesiology and homeopathy look for the root cause of your allergy, taking internal and external factors into account. It’s not simply a question of treating the symptoms or avoiding the allergen; rather we look for the imbalances in your immune system and set about correcting them.

Using kinesiology’s muscle testing, I identify the relevant allergens and imbalances. Then we’ll test any relevant supplements and homeopathic remedies that would help strengthen your immune system and correct the imbalance.

I’ll then prescribe the appropriate remedies for you.

How I help you overcome your allergies

Because allergies are as individual as you are, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Through using kinesiology and homeopathy, I come up with an individualised solution, tailored to you.

I am keen to find you a permanent, not just a temporary, solution. Even if you have a really prominent allergen whose symptoms need treating, I’ll be looking for the root cause too.

If you suffer from a seasonal allergy such as hay fever, for example, the best time to tackle it is out of season. That way we can work on your immune system, so that when it encounters pollen months later, it will be better equipped to deal with it.

As well as homeopathic remedies, in most cases nutrition, diet and lifestyle advice can help you combat your allergy.

Find out more about kinesiology and homeopathy on my services page or book your free 15 minute consultation to see how I can help you.

Some allergy facts*

  • A staggering 44% of British adults now suffer from at least one allergy.
  • The number of sufferers is on the rise – it grew by around 2 million from 2008 to 2009 alone!
  • Almost half of sufferers (48%) have more than one allergy – that’s around 10 million people!
  • Up to 20% of patients with allergies have a severely debilitating form of their condition, struggling daily with the fear of an attack or even death from an allergic reaction.
  • Allergies are increasing at a higher rate in children, especially with allergic rhinitis and eczema

*Source: Food Matters 2010 and EAACI, 2016.

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